5 Tips for Effective Website Design

Many web designers spend a great deal of time trying..

5 Tips for Effective Website Design

Many web designers spend a great deal of time trying to get clients’ sites to rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages). However, it’s equally important to consider what happens after someone gets to the site. Below are several tips on making clients’ websites successful and productive.

Simple Navigation and Design

Websites don’t have to be flashy, but they should always be professional. Designers should make it easy for visitors to understand what the site is about and how to get around it. According to various studies, the average person only tries to figure a site out for about three seconds before moving on. Therefore, the site needs to be simple, yet visually impactful.

Have a Strong Call to Action

A corporate site should have a clear CTA or call to action. The CTA is the action the client wants his or her site visitors to take. It can be as simple as buying an eBook or signing up for a newsletter, but it’s important to really ask for it, or the visitor isn’t likely to do it.

Update Sites Regularly

It’s extremely important that company sites be updated regularly with fresh, unique content. Every time a site is updated, Google crawls it again. Content can be optimized for certain keywords and physical locations, and it can provide something of value to potential customers and site visitors. When clients share their knowledge, customers learn to trust them.

Optimize, Measure, and Track

It is easy for web designers to measure a client’s site’s results by tracking daily visitor counts, preferred keywords, visitor locations, and much more. With tools such as Google Analytics, site designers can measure the results of their efforts to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Build Mobile-Responsive Sites

Smartphones are almost ubiquitous, and more people access the internet from mobile devices than from desktop or laptop computers. Numerous studies show that these visitors behave differently than those who use desktops. They’re goal-oriented and most are looking for things like business hours, driving directions, or the business’ phone number. Therefore, site designers should be sure to provide their clients with a good mobile experience to pass on to their customers.

Web designers should think about each site they design, and they should take steps to ensure that sites include the above factors. Visit Joe Kashurba here for more provider-centric web design tips.